Professional escort models have a somewhat different lifestyle from regular girls what write about on the

– Spending a great deal of money and time on grooming. At the same time a girl carefully monitors the condition of her whole body, so she often needs to go to the salon or for a pedicure, or an anti-cellulite massage, or to have her eyebrows corrected. Going to the gym for an escort girl is equivalent to going to work, as she can’t afford a saggy tummy or flabby skin;
– Are financially independent of men and parents. They don’t report to anyone for their spending, each time they make a purchase decision on their own;
– Spend many times more money than they earn at their job (if they have one). Often such models have some kind of “regular” job, which they need, so that relatives and others do not have unnecessary questions. However, if you analyze, the salary in the service will not cover even a third of the expenses;
– Feel great in public, able to maintain a conversation on almost any topic. If you think about it, it is easy to understand that the incompetent and narrow-minded girls will not stay in this profession for a long time. Escorts are constantly self-improving, delving into politics, economics, navigating among the world’s showbiz and sports stars; Often smiling. A friendly smile becomes a habit, many girls use it in everyday communication as well;
– They don’t tell much about themselves, they conceal facts about their lives. If a girl is not telling the truth about herself and carefully thinks through every word during the conversation, it is likely that she is an escort.
Naturally, if the girl you know has one or two of the above signs, you should not hang the label “escort. But if all the points describe your chosen one, don’t be surprised if you open an escort site and meet a familiar face.